Bathroom Silicone Tips From A Home Remodeling Professional

Silicon is an essential trace mineral required by the body for stronger bones, better glowing skin and more flexible and strong joints. It is present in the body in the form of an ether derivative of silicic acid or silanate. It is important to include silicon in the daily diet, because it may help boost the benefits of calcium, glucosomine and vitamin D.

The human body contains silicone blocks approximately 7 grams of silicon, which is present in various tissues and body fluids. The silicon present in tissues is mostly bonded to glycoproteins such as cartilage, whereas the silicon in blood is nearly entirely found as either free orthosilicic acid or linked to small compounds.
Silicon has been recently regarded as an essential mineral required by the body. It is needed for the optimal growth and efficient production of mucopolysaccharides and collagen in connective tissues – helps increase the strength and reduce the permeability of the extra-cellular matrix in connective tissues including the arteries, trachea, tendon, bone, teeth and skin. It also has a catalytic role in the mineralization of new bones. Silicon therefore facilitates the healing process in the body and helps to build the immune system.

Curative uses of silicon:

Silicon’s most popular use is as a nutritional supplement to strengthen not only the bones and connective tissues, but also hair, nails and skin – therefore called the beauty mineral.

Silicon has manifold therapeutic benefits to the body. It is particularly useful in case of:

o Hair loss – Silicon helps hair grow thicker and stronger

o Irritation in mucous membranes

o Skin problems

o Helps nails grow harder and faster.

o Silicon helps maintain bone density and strength by facilitating the deposit of calcium and other minerals into bone tissue.

o Problems related to sleep.

o Silicon is essential for the strength and integrity of the arteries, thus helps maintain proper cardiovascular health.

o Helps slow down the ageing process