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Keep the paths from the front door to the moving truck free of obstacles, debris, fallen leaves and other potential hazards to prevent accidents on moving day. Small details – like a convenient parking place for the moving truck – make a big difference on moving day.

Be Fully Packed / Pre-Pack Small Items by the Time Your Movers Arrive

The cost to rent a moving truck falls between $20 and $100 a day. In total, expect to pay somewhere between $150 to $400 for a local move if you plan to do it yourself. The average cost for a local move is $80 to $100 per hour for a team of two movers. The total cost you’ll pay for a local move depends mostly on how long it takes the moving crew to load and unload the truck — meaning the more items you have, the more you’ll pay to move them.

Take Close-up Photographs of the Things You Have for Moving

It may not seem like a crucial moving task, but every step you take to prepare for movers before they come will save you time, trouble, and stress on moving day. Handing over the big job of packing and moving hundreds of items can be quite liberating. Suddenly, there is no longer the issue of making time to pack up and move everything while simultaneously juggling work or family. Hiring reputable professional movers to do what they do best is a great way to make a stressful process more peaceful. No two houses are the same, which means moving costs aren’t one-size-fits-all. It is usually relatively easy for a customer to obtain a basic quote that’s later customized based on the distance of the move, the number of movers required, the number of items , and the accessibility of the belongings. If you’re moving more than a neighborhood away, however, then you will probably also need to rent a moving truck to move all of your items.

Las Vegas was the second-most popular destination for middle-class movers coming from out of state, the report said. The Nevada city has an abundance of homes for sale, keeping prices down, and there’s no income tax. Middle-class movers are choosing Las Vegas, Phoenix, and San Antonio as top destinations. They might be able to run a separate transaction to process your tip, or they may simply add the amount to your final bill. Movers don’t have to be super warm and friendly—but they should be respectful of you and your belongings. Of your move may not accurately reflect the time or effort it takes to load and unload your belongings, and you will almost certainly have more than one person to tip. Feel free to follow those steps to guarantee a smooth local move without any major problems.

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An important question when planning how to schedule movers is to consider on which dates the mover is free and what will the moving cost be depending on the moving date. Since movers are more busy at the beginning and end of the month and on weekends it is likely that the price for your relocation will be higher then. If you have decided to move during the weekend when you are not in the office ask for the cost of that. They have expertise in the organization of a relocation, packing, loading/unloading a truck, etc. and can explain the moving terms you don’t understand.

If the crew that loaded your possessions did an exceptional job, you might want to tip them before you depart. For local moves, consider whether a flat rate or hourly rate is best for how much you have to move. Specialty moving companies are experts in transporting items that are especially valuable, heavy, or fragile. This can include artwork, antiques, musical instruments, and even hot tubs. There may be items that need to be picked up from another household or storage unit. Movers will charge extra for each additional stop beyond the original and final destinations.